Green Talks: Best Practice Roundtable Series

The Green Talks: Best Practice Roundtable Series will be hosted by the Green Growth Platform as a systematic approach to knowledge sharing that will leverage the Bank’s convening power as a knowledge hub. The World Bank promotes multi-sector solutions. The Bank has been supporting innovation and multi-sector collaboration breaking knowledge silos.

Through this knowledge exchange, the Bank will demonstrate the collective action taken and progress made throughout the world to transform green growth challenges into opportunities to stimulate economic activity in a sustainable way, and improve quality of life for citizens, children and future generations in Bangladesh.

The purpose of these dialogues is to bring together key stakeholders to engage in dialogue and share first-hand experience of how policies get implemented and then accounted for and measured to bring about real change. Through this series, we want to highlight Bangladeshi solutions and international best practices that are multi-sectoral and multi-institutional focusing on policy, regulation, governance and technology. 

The first one was held in October and brought practitioners and technical experts together around the topic of Planning for Green Energy. 

The second one is schedule for December 15 on the topic of Research and Innovation for a Greener Bangladesh.

Green Growth for Bangladesh (GG4B) Platform for Bangladesh

The GG4B Platform is a space for us to share knowledge and work together to generate GRID approaches and innovative solution to take green growth action in Bangladesh. The Platform seeks to respond to the Government’s economic growth agenda and will work with us to develop a GG4B Roadmap and Action Plan for the Government. Our initiative has gained strong interest from the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment, and certain private sector companies, think tanks, universities and development partners. We are in the process of reaching out to others to expand our Platform.

Green Growth is a multi-sectoral aspiration and it will take a joint effort to achieve what we want. This is YOUR Platform. The GG4B Platform belongs to all of us. We invite you to join us. We want to work with you. Please share your ideas with us so we may find ways to collaborate.